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reporter: with those wrds began a memorial for marcus johnson. marcus' life was chronicled on the stage, from infan sis to basketball, to a 14-year-old go-kart champion racer. his short life touched hundreds of people and more than 1200 people. from family, friends, and go-kart racers, gathered to honor and celebrate his life. his mother was deeply touched. >> i'm overwhelmed by the number of people who are here. he would be overwhenned. i think he'd say, wow, cool. reporter: marcus was killed when a sprint car driven by his cows sin malfunctioned. the car veered off the track, killing marcus and a 68-year-old race supporter. tears flowed freely at the memorial, especially when his mother mentioned taking him to
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school. >> going to be very hard not to take him to school and pick him up every day, and everytime i pass the road will have tears in my eyes. >> his teacher choked up when he talked about marcus, and a young friend broke down in tears when she sung a song for marcus. >> a fund has been started for marcus, and because he like to help students less fortunate to him, some of the money will go to those students for athlete athletic gear. >> investigators are trying to figure out what led to a man being killed on 580 in oakland overnight. investigators on sure -- are not sure if he tried to run across the freeway or fell off the over
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pass. a bay area soldier, highly decorated for his service, died this week after being injured in afghanistan. sergeant first class jamesgrissom of u.s. special force died as a medical center in germany. he was injured in a shootout in afghanistan, just days before he was to return home. the 31-year-old was from hay werd, we talked to a neighbor who has nope the family for four decades. >> he was great kid. loved bugs and snakes. a terrific kid. i just broke down crying. just like family to us. >> grissom had previously served in iraq. after his death he received the bronze star medal. he leaves behind his wife, his parents, and his sister. the supreme court begins hearing arguments on two mex same-sex cases on -- same-sex
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marriage cases on thursday. one was a ban for mex -- attorney general harris opposes the band. >> we talk about fundamental rights as relates to the constitution, we're talking about those rights that we as a nation designated as being in of the most sacred of all the rights we can have, and 14 times the united states supreme court has described marriage as a fundamental right. >> the court then hears arguments on the defense of marriage act, which denies federal benefits to married same-sex couples. nine states and the district of columbia allow same-sex marriage, seven more eave -- civil union laws. >> carolyn will be sitting in court when the supreme court considers prop 8 and the defense of marriage act. her live report begins tuesday here on abc7.
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san francisco police credit a neighbor's quick thinking in helping to catch a group of suspected vandals in the act. it appears they had just finished the outline of their graffiti when the officers arrived. the man who called police asked us not to give his name. >> they just finished painting it a couple weeks ago, and it's like every other week there's something new up there, and they're constantly having to clean it. >> i think it's important that we're able to catch these offenders and bring them to justice. >> ama: police also told us they discovered 52 cans of spray paint and several markers when officers searched the suspects. suspects include ten adults andup juvenile. some have previous arrests for vandalism. >> survivors or the san bruno pipeline explosion came together
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today. eight people died. community members work on a mural that was finished last week. today city officials unveiled a plaque of remembrance. >> turn to the thoughts around something sad to something more positive and more looking forward. >> we wanted to make something beautiful, and taking something broken, like mosaic tiles, and turning it into something beautiful, is a good met afor for us. >> ama: survivors continue to push for stronger safety reforms after the blast. pg&e has settled multiple lawsuits in the wake of that explosion. commuters on the san mateo coast will have an easier drive tuesday morning. the the tunnel will openly be open. tomorrow there will be ceremonies celebrating the opening. the occasion marks the end of 74 years of crumbling cliffs,
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accidents, and highway closures that sometimes lasted for months. >> a record number of people hit the streets of oakland today for the running festival. 9100 competitors joined the 5k, the half and full marathon, and the four-person team relay. organizers were happy to see double the number 5k runners compared to last year. 5k runners are usually new to the sport. the marathon's women's winner set a court record, 2:37.24. the mail winner is from berkeley. finishing in 2:37.29. congratulations to everyone who was out there. and it may feel like spring in the bay area, but several states across the nation are bur where -- buried under snow. and right there an aggressive shark penetrates a diver's cage. we'll hear from the man watching
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the whole thing. >> leigh: hi there i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. a nice spring weekend is coming to an en. get ready for spring showers this upcoming work week, we'll look at the
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>> ama: a hawk is recovering after being caught on a pg&e antenna. emergency services crews assisted in the rescue. a pg&e worker rode a bucket up to the bird and brought it down. the wildlife worker took it to the vet and tracked down the handler.
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this is the third time in a week it became entangled. >> a close call for two divers in a shark cage off the coast of africa. >> whoa! >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> ama: this youtube video shows a great white busting into the cage. it went straight for the pair inside. the shark went between the bars. a tourist who recorded it said the man on the right barely made out alive. >> he did go under the viewing bar, and you can't just get down and avoid. very quick thinking. >> the divers were newlyweds going on a honeymoon adventure. main they'll pick something a
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little less risky. >> it's supposed to be spring but don't tell that to anybody in the midwest. they're buried under have -- have where snowfall. and leigh glaser will have our forecast. here's david muir with a look at what is ahead on world news at 5:30. >> great to see you we wish we were in san francisco avoiding this mass sf storm just as the work week begins. we're already on the scene of a major accident. and the chip that could alert your phone if it senses you're about to have a heart
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>> ama: the winter that just won't quit. according to the calendar spring has sprung but across ten states winter is digging in for a last
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stand. reporter: this is the march that roared. it came in like a likelyon and it's going out the same way in colorado they're digging out from as much as 15 inches of snow. whiteout conditions forced the closure of nearly 200 miles of interstate highways and elsewhere snow made traffic slow to a crawl. from the driver's seat you almost had to feel your way forward. that explains this massive 50-car pileup near denver. the cab of this tanker truck went up in flames, adding to the chaos. in kansas this suv was nearly turned into road kill. in kansas city, missouri, most drivers wisely stayed off the roads. as part of the storm system
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tracks south it brings heavy hail storms to texas, near dallas the hailstones were so thick they ran in little rivers down the pavement. in georgia, the bad weather took the form of rain, and in florida, the streets of jacksonville were littered with the thunderstorm's calling card. store signs were knocked to the ground. tree limbs were smashed. others were knocked over, damaging homes and crushing automobiles the storm system is heading for the east coast. abc news, new york. >> ama: we're so fortunate here on the west coast, let's get to leigh glaser. >> leigh: we are. today temperatures up two or three degrees from yesterday. live doppler 7hd showing you just a few clouds off the coast. also starting to push a little bit inland but no rain on the screen there. beautiful shot out there. our high definition rooftop cam showing you blue sky on the embarcadero and san francisco. right now, san francisco, 54.
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half moon bay, 52. san jose, 66. here's another shot of a nice afternoon. this is from the high definition mt. tamalpais camera. and right now santa rosa, 69. 72 in livermore, fairfield, and, and hayward, 62. things are about to change for us. scattered clouds overnight tonight. partly cloudy conditions for your monday afternoon, and then showers likely across much of the bay area as we head into the latter part of the work week, lows tonight, coming up a few more degrees because the clouds will filter in. so generally in the north and east bay locations, near 40 degrees, and warmer towards san francisco, and richmond you see there overnight tonight, 47 degrees with clouds. so here's the setup. a nice spring weekend thanks to this area of high pressure.
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as it pushes off towards the east. more cloud will start to fill in tomorrow, and we're going to keep a close eye on this area of low pressure and cold front because this could wing out -- wring out a few showers. this is monday. by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, clouds on the increase. check out tuesday. tuesday morning commute looks dry. but looks like as we head into the latter past of the afternoon, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, some showers will venture insuring mainly the north bay. 3:00 tuesday afternoon and then by tuesday night, more clouds will start to sink in here as well. here's a look at the highs for your monday. really much like today. 69 for san jose. 50s at the coast. clouds will thicking up there. in the north bay, increasing clouds, petaluma, 66. oakland, 68. union city, clouds, 67.
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and in the east bay, when we might get close to 70. concord tomorrow, 70. my accuweather seven-day forecast. yikes! a lot of showers due in here. thursday, scattered showers expected. friday, may get a little bit of a break, and then looks like easter weekend could possibly be a little on the wet side. we'll keep you updated. >> ama: mike shumann is here with sports. if i had to take a wild guess i'd say basketball. >> mike: you got it. march madness continues, both men and women, cardinal on the court today. hurricanes gave
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>> mike: stanford, the top seed in the west, playing host to the hurricanes. cardinal had their hands full in the first half but took over at second. greenfield, the deep jumper and foul. she had nine. then pac-12 player of the year, chiney 0 ogwumike took over. too much for tulsa's defense. 29 points, eight boards, three assists, stanford wins, taking on the winner of villanova and michigan on tuesday night. >> i knew the first 20 or so minutes were not our best minutes but that's the beauty of our team. we put all those things aside, we have a short memory and work hard, and teams that work hard and play for each other.
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>> men's tournament, ohio state and iowa state. cyclones overcame a 13-point second half deficit. lucious ties the game. under 2:00 left. cyclones up one. similar play. clyburn makes the basket. call a foul. questionable call. now it's tied. buckeye aaron craft, for three, .02 remaining on the clock. are you kidding me? ohio state on to the sweet 16 to face arizona, 78-75 your final. >> number one indiana and temple. the only owl to show up. 31 of his team's 52. temple led by three until will sheehey ties. temple looked to regain the lead, but denied. 18 seconds left. indiana up one. oladipo ices it from downtown
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and the hoosiers move on, 58-52. >> cactus league action, as and dodgers. a's have six players vying for two infield spots, short and second base. former stanford stars make something noise, making it tough on bob melvin's final decision for starting infield. a future a right here. the afor mentioned stanford star, jed loughery, trying for one of this spats. griffin aloud two runs, struck out eight. a's explode with five in the third, capped off by a two-run bomb from norris, his fifth of the spring. the a's win it 7-4. to the arnold palmer invitational. check out this shot. his feet in the water. drains it for an eagle. that's our shot of the day but sergio garcia had a shot of his
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open, for a wrong reason. he is stuck in a tree, climbs up, gets it back on the course, but with drew from the tournament. tiger looking to become the world's number one golfer for the first time since 2010. then play was suspended. severe weather in orlando. >> coming up next, nascar is in california. >> coming up, we'll giant two unique world travelers as their sent
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>> ama: in a half hour at 6:00... >> crash, crash, boom. >> ama: neighbors say they've never seen or heard anything like it. a big play to keep the kings in sacramento. how a silicon valley tycoon is playing a role to save the team. >> two visitors left china for canada today. people in western china give the giant pandas a special party. a specially setup fedex plane will fly them to canada. thanks for joining us. we're back this is "world news." tonight, whiteout. a massive storm hitting just as the workweek begins.
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we're in the middle of it all tonight. the accidents reported already. where the storm will wreak havoc first things in the morning. ginger zee and the extreme weather team standing by tonight. sea change? first, the president. then, the new message from hillary clinton. tonight, hear the famous republican making news on abc's "this week," with his own prediction, just as the supreme court takes up gay marriage. the jackpot. what we've learned about the one winning powerball ticket. and that much bigger bite. with those higher taxes on the rich, we reveal what the winner will have to leave on the table. and shark tank. tonight, we now hear from the team on that boat. the newlywed who thought he was protected in that cage when the shark breaks right in. >> whoa. good evening.
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and thanks for joining us here on this sunday night. we begin with that fierce storm this evening. more than half of the country in its path before it's over. this video just in tonight from orlando, florida. look and listen to this. extreme winds blowing right through those front doors at a lowe's store. blowing shopping carts like they're toys. you can see the heavy rains outside. and in the west tonight, the storm dropping more than a foot of snow in parts of colorado and moving on to kansas city. as you see in these pictures, blanketing the city with eight inches of snow. drivers across several states getting stuck and the plows battling to keep up. look at the map this evening. 15 states under winter watches and warnings as we come on the air. ginger zee with the forecast for the monday morning commute in a moment. first, gio benitez in the kansas where they are digging out right now. gio? >> reporter: good evening from the frozen midwest, where some areas saw some 19 inches of snow.

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